2010 maj-jun

snygg tröja nice sweater


Jag saknar min cykel. Speciellt nu när det varit varmt och skönt ute. Men hellre vänta några dagar och få bra bromsar. Under tiden kan jag visa tröjan som kära mor stickat åt mig. Visst blev den fin. Tack snälla mamma!

e I miss my bike, especially now when the weather is so nice. I have it at my dear K who will fix my breaks. I wrote about it yesterday but was too tired to translate it. This is at least what I believe the last thing to be done before my bike is ready to go. In the meantime I show you the nice sweater that my dear mother knitted to me. Nice, isn't it?

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2010-05-23 15:54:49 - Dad, E-postadressen är dold

Hey Daughter, Please keep writing in english. I really enjoy reading about what you are doing and can't wait to learn about the trip when you are accually doing it. Hope your bike is up and running well soon. What happened with the gears. Love you, Dad
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